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With new technology bringing in increased complexity and myriad choices, we seek an insight into the storage from two different perspectives.

The market for storage accessories is vibrant and growing. To know more about the space, we spoke to Peter Donnelly, manager, product group, ATTO Technology, Inc. Here is what he had to say in a Skype interaction while at IBC2017:

What are the unique requirements from a broadcast perspective?
There are no do-overs in live broadcast. Data needs to arrive from storage on time. So reliability and flexibility are important. Because it is live television, you are never quite sure what’s going to happen next, and storage solutions need to be able to respond on the fly. Broadcasters work with companies they trust, knowing that connectivity experts like ATTO understand the workflow and are able to provide the most appropriate solutions.

Tell us about your video-streaming solution for Fox Sports 1’s coverage of the Fifa Confederations Cup 2017.
At the Confederations Cup, Fox Sports engaged a distributed broadcast team of play-by-play announcers, game analysts, studio commentators, and IT specialists with 1,000+ covered events under the belt. All matches were broadcasted via FOX Sports GO and FOX Soccer 2Go. Streaming was also made available on several connected devices, including Apple TV, Android TV, FireTV and more. For smooth multi-streaming and fault-tolerance, Fox Sports 1 picked the RAID technology to secure top performance and ultimate data availability during live translations from other languages. The system was based on the 3U AIC architecture with an overall capacity of 64TB (16 disks 4TB each) and powered by the RAIDIX OS and networked with high performance ATTO 16Gb Fibre Channel HBAs. RAIDIX provided resilient storage with high bandwidth and low latencies. The ATTO CelerityTM 16Gb Fibre Channel HBA provided the necessary throughput to network such a high-performance solution. Due to the high transfer rate and efficient paralleling of RAID calculations provided by ATTO and RAIDIX, the live broadcasts from Confederations Cup were able to capture and distribute every moment of live-action and excitement to viewers at home.

What are the technologies that drive ATTO solutions?
Two of our unique technologies that come with our fibre channel and SAS/SATA HBAs are ATTO Advanced Data Streaming (ADSTM) Technology and ATTO Multipath DirectorTM. MultiPath Director is the only storage connectivity solution that allows users to manage multiple paths between Windows, Linux, and Mac workstations and high-end storage systems. The technology provides a high-performance collaborative workflow solution that keeps digital media content available in real-time for multiple users. It also allows for significant gains in productivity, minimal downtime and uninterrupted access to storage with load-balancing and failover capabilities.

ADS, meanwhile, is designed to manage latency in high-bandwidth work environments. Furthermore, it provides controlled acceleration of data transfers by utilising a combination of features to move large amounts of data faster and more efficiently, maintaining the highest consistent performance. ADS has been incorporated into ATTO Celerity Fibre Channel host bus adapters (HBAs) and ATTO ExpressSAS® SAS/SATA host and RAID adapters.

Which are the products that you are most excited about?
We are most excited about our flagship products that comprise Celerity 32Gb Fibre Channel and XstreamCORE ET 8200. The places where we see a lot of growth taking place are ethernet markets for the media and entertainment industry. ATTO manufactures in the US in order to create the highest quality products, thereby adding value to a high value-added product line, as this is something that our customers expect from us.

For the global media and entertainment industry, IP technology is the way forward. Therefore, to understand the nuances of IP SAN storage, we spoke to Alan Cheng, director of APAC channel sales and FAE Department (except Japan and China), Promise Technology. Here’s what he had to say:

How has enterprise storage for media companies evolved over the years?
The increased attention to enterprise storage has been driven by a need to create data storage solutions that are more reliable and safer than before. Additionally, the increasing use of cloud computing and storage is increasing the demand for enterprise storage with novel features and capabilities. The enterprise storage trends that we should look out for as the year goes by include new storage technologies needed for new media data models, flash media will be massively used, and server-based storage is being used for bigger projects.

What are the advantages and challenges of IP SAN over other storage technologies?
This technology is easy to implement and understood. The IP technology is affordable. For the many storages, environments iSCSI used, which is located at the practical and economical alternatives in the IP SAN. IP Technology is accessed to a high performance storage data for required the Direct Attached Storage (DAS) or a Fibre Channel (FC) Storage Area Net work (SAN). IP Storage has grown to viewed it is extremely cost effective, easier to manage and it gets less comple x storage solution to compare Direct Attached Storage (DAS) or Fibre Channel Storage Area Network(FC SAN). In IP SAN, the Internet Small Computer System Interface (iSCSI) can transfer the traditional high performance.

What are your flagship storage solutions?
Promise Technology Inc. is a recognised global leader in the storage industry and the leading developer of high-performance storage solutions, designed for the data center, surveillance, cloud and rich media markets. Always striving to meet the rigorous demands of our customers, Promise has earned a reputation for developing innovative storage solutions for vertical markets which deliver practical answers to the business challenges facing large enterprise corporations, small to medium businesses, security integrators and creative professionals. At the heart of Promise storage solutions is our commitment to provide customer-oriented solutions with the best cost/performance in the industry.

Which product are you most excited about at present?
The all new VTrak Flash Storage Appliance is the most powerful and distinctive storage solution which is brought by Promise technology. It can help the clients to accelerate their business due to its ultra-low latency and large IO profile. Promise All Flash Arrays are optimised for high bandwidth and a large data ingest rate with ultra low latency. VTrak All Flash Series enables media professionals to increase productivity by up to 5 times over the competitive hard-drive based arrays in an ultra compact 2RU form factor.

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