Vitec to demo LED panels, robotic cameras and autoscripts


At BroadcastAsia 2018, the Vitec Group will bring an mélange of its brands that cater to broadcasters, cinematographers, independent content creators and photographic professionals enabling them to create various types of broadcast, film or video projects.
Litepanels will showcase Gemini, a 2×1 soft panel that eliminates the need for colour correction by offering full-spectrum white light to render tints. Lighting professionals can choose to go bold, by opting for any lighting option in the 360-degree colour wheel and popular gels within its colour modes. Also, the latest firmware upgrade allows for a variety of customizable cinematic effects such as emergency lights, fire, TV and hue bursts that can be easily saved to presets.

Similarly, Sachtler and Vinten will showcase the Flowtech 75 tripod, which is compatible with all major 75-millimeter fluid heads. Flowtech is a new carbon fibre technology with fast-deploying legs, quick-release brakes and easily adjustable levers for quick and easy setup in any type of remote production environment. It offers a set of two-stage legs with an easy-to-remove mid-level spreader, rubber feet and a payload capacity of 20 kilograms (44 pounds). The quick-release brakes enable the legs to be deployed and adjusted automatically to the ground’s surface, saving operators from manually adjusting multiple brakes on each leg. The hinge-lock mechanism allows for capture of extremely low, ground-level shots; removing the need for the extra shorter legs. Flowtech 75 is lightweight, portable and comes with magnetic locks that keep the legs stable during transport. It also features two optional accessories – a detachable carry-handle and a compact dolly.

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