The Foundry concludes three-city road show on a high



Apart from a look at the behind-the-scenes VFX of Baahubali 2, the road show brought prominent artists and local studios together

The Foundry, a creative software solutions developer, in collaboration with its local distributor, ARK Infosolutions, has successfully concluded the fourth edition of The Foundry Road Show India 2016. The last leg of the three-city event was held in Chennai and the other two cities that the roadshow covered included Mumbai and Hyderabad.

The annual road show, which provides a medium for The Foundry to connect with the local talent in the leading VFX hubs of the country, brings an international artist to showcase their work on some of the big box office films that were released recently. A few local studios that have produced Hollywood and Bollywood-style motion pictures using the company’s software were a part of the event, too. This gave the audience a perspective on how computer graphics were used to create surreal imagery for the audience’s entertainment. This year, Arka Studios presented the making of Baahubali 2 in a virtual reality experience format.

Among the prominent VFX artists present were Suzanne Jandu, who has worked on visual effects in well-liked movies such as Harry Potter, The Jungle Book, and The Martian, and Srinivas Mohan, who was part of Baahubali, Enthiran – The Robot, and Sivaji – The Boss, and is the visual effects supervisor at Arka Mediaworks.

Tom Rockhill, head of sales – EMEA at The Foundry, said, “India has a huge engine for VFX and post-production and has been growing steadily for a number of years. Through our road show, we aim to bring international artists together with local studios to learn from and inspire each other. This year’s road show was indeed a fantastic event as we had showcased some of the best VFX scenes from movies like The Jungle Book and The Martian. We were also really excited to show an exclusive behind-the-scenes look of the upcoming second edition ofBaahubali.”

Talking about her experience during the tri-city roadshow, Jandu, who is the lead compositor at Moving Pictures Company, said, “I am always impressed to see the quality of work that comes from our Indian office. Being in the country with The Foundry has been a dream come true. It has enabled me to meet many local artists who are working on some new projects using NUKE and CARA VR, which is truly inspiring stuff.”

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