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No matter what the occasion is, it can get a little tricky at times to buy gifts for someone that they will enjoy. This Valentine's Day rather than sticking to the basic cliché gift ideas, think a little outside-the-box and surprise your significant other with a gift that is more personal and thoughtful.
Whether your partner is ready to hit the road or planning their next adventure with you, what’s better than treating them with a brand-new camera to capture images, freeze moments and collect all the little memories from your trips together.

If you’re still wondering what to gift your globetrotting partner this Valentine’s day, here is a range of GoPro cameras that cater to all budgets and lifestyle needs.

GoPro MAX:
GoPro Max is a very capable dual lens 360- degree camera that maxes out on versatility—it’s like having three cameras in one. It possibly offers the best overall combination of features and value for money to travel enthusiasts and adventure vloggers who don’t want to burn a hole in their pockets while they get out to explore. Whether you are planning an action-packed trip to the mountains or a relaxing vacation by the beach you can easily carry the MAX in your pocket. The features such as Max HyperSmooth, PowerPano, Max Superview, let you capture unbelievably stable videos and wide-angle shots, while trekking or even capture the sun, sand or the waves crashing on the beach. GoPro MAX can do magic with its in-built software while editing the 360 footage and create a lot of effects, reframe images and transition between views to create exciting travel.

MAX serves as a multi-purpose camera for all your travel needs - you can use it as a waterproof, maximum-stabilized single lens HERO camera, dual lens 360 camera or next-level vlogging camera with its built-in front facing display and shotgun-mic audio capabilities.

GoPro HERO8 Black
The Streamlined Design and frameless mounting with built-in folding mounting fingers makes the GoPro HERO8 Black more pocketable and a lot lighter to carry. If you are a true adrenaline junkie and  intend on doing activities like rafting in ice-cold water, backpacking, jumping out of a plane in the middle of nowhere or even spending the night camped under the stars, GoPro HERO8 Black is the perfect fit to experience the thrill of adventure sports first hand. Make simple videos of yourself strolling through the streets or cinematic shots of the transition of the sunrise and sunset look twice as good by simply gliding the camera to get unique . GoPro HERO8 Black also features supporting accessories like the  Media Mod and Light Mod that help you shoot exciting vlogs and selfies of your travel. The Wifi feature makes the GoPro very user friendly you can monitor what's happening from your phone. Also, with the voice command feature GoPro allows you to go hands-free and capture videos and images without worrying about pressing the button, all you need to do is say “GoPro take a photo” and your GoPro will snap a shot for you.

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