Digital Alert Systems and DigIt Signage Showcase Emergency Information Display Solutions at The Video Show

A first look at ChyTV HD-EAS, the advanced emergency information display solution from Digital Alert Systems and DigIt Signage Technologies.
A first look at ChyTV HD-EAS, the advanced emergency information display solution from Digital Alert Systems and DigIt Signage Technologies.


Digital Alert Systems, the global leader in emergency communications solutions for video services providers, has partnered with DigIt Signage Technologies, provider of acclaimed ChyTV digital signage systems, to create an advanced emergency information display solution: ChyTV HD-EAS. Built on the tight integration of the companies' best-in-class technologies, ChyTV HD-EAS makes flexible emergency messaging available across all variety of sources, distribution formats, and delivery infrastructure. The first time at a major trade show, the solution will debut at The Video Show, Dec. 4-5, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., on the DigIt Signage Technologies Stand 312.

"Tight integration with an EAS system such as Digital Alert Systems' DASDEC is a natural fit for our ChyTV digital signage solutions, and it opens up new opportunities for our customers," said Vinny Biondolillo, director of ChyTV sales support for DigIt Signage Technologies. "Leveraging the ChyTV crawl feature and integrated digital audio switching capabilities, ChyTV HD-EAS allows users to deliver emergency information to viewers in the simplest and least disruptive manner. In addition to providing complete flexibility in positioning the visual text and graphics of an EAS message over programming, this solution allows graphics to be fully customized based on unique event codes."

Digital Alert Systems and DigIt Signage Technologies have a long history of partnering to offer compelling bundled solutions to customers across the enterprise, government/public sector, and international video provider markets. By integrating the DASDEC series of Emergency Alert System/Common Alerting Protocol (EAS/CAP) encoder/decoders with the ChyTV HD digital signage systems, the two companies give users a one-stop solution for advanced, customizable emergency information displays. Users also gain the opportunity to leverage a broader range of Digital Alert Systems' emergency information content partners.

While ChyTV HD-EAS offers convenient tools for versatile placement of messaging and easy audio switching, it also boasts global applicability. The solution supports virtually any video distribution format (NTSC, PAL, HDMI, HD-SDI, IP, ATSC, ISDB, DVB, etc.), any source (live or recorded video), and any type of architecture (in-house cable, enterprise/campus video, broadcast TV). As a result, it is deployable virtually anywhere in the world.
"We look forward to showcasing this versatile new solution at The Video Show, as its unique capabilities align well with the requirements of government/military users, as well as organizations in the corporate and education sectors," said Ed Czarnecki, senior director of strategy and regulatory affairs at Digital Alert Systems. "ChyTV HD-EAS makes it easy for organizations worldwide to bring their audiences sophisticated emergency information."

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