How content monitoring and data analytics helps drive value to your business
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Any technology that helps engage an audience or monetise content, gains attention swiftly. Regardless of how the content is produced or consumed, there is always a need to gain valuable feedback on delivery and consumption. Ongoing experimentation in the production and delivery of content and advertising, has led to the conception of new technologies that help fine-tune the entire process of analysing and leveraging video content.

This is where video analytics comes into play as an important tool, enabled by Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and the Cloud. The trend is gravitating  towards actionable ‘People Data’ viewed holistically across each segment of the value chain, instead of the historic, generalised, and averaged statistical data which is no longer sufficiently effective nor insightful.

Ted Korte, CTO, Qligent

Qligent, a provider of enterprise-level content monitoring and analysis, focusses on comprehensive, feature-rich media quality assurance, with demonstrations that communicate the business value of in-depth monitoring and detailed data analytics to MVPDs and cable operators. “To succeed in today’s demanding and competitive video marketplace, multi-platform service providers must ensure the highest possible Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) to prevent subscriber frustration, disappointment, and ultimately, churn,” said Art Leisey, director, Business Development, Qligent. “We provide scalable and reliable media monitoring and big data analytics solutions, to cable, OTT, IPTV, and MVPD operators, and give them the means to effectively monitor, detect, and resolve technical issues at their network operations centers and headends. We enable these services all the way out to the last mile as swiftly as possible, typically long before any adverse effect to the viewer’s quality of experience.”

Monitoring tools serve as a platform for centralised, end-to-end monitoring, and is deployable by cable, OTT, broadcast and other video service providers. Vision Analytics for big data analysis of key performance indicators (KPI’s and KQI’s) – the company’s latest Machine Learning innovation is designed specifically to predict network failures, helpdesk calls, and subscriber churn.Vision-VOD, an application-specific tool, enables monitoring VOD files throughout the content delivery chain.
Ted Korte, CTO, Qligent, was an in-demand speaker on the topic of analytics, having presented at the 2017, 2018 and 2019 NAB Shows, the 2018 IEEE Broadcast Symposium, and the TecnoTelevisión México Conference last month. “Analytics harnesses advanced technologies (AI, machine learning, virtual IoT-based probes, data mining) to analyse massive datasets that detail the quality of service and experience, as well as measure, manage and monetise viewer engagement. This helps users prevent viewer churn by predicting and detecting problems out to the last mile, including penetration into end user devices.”

Media and Entertainment (M&E) companies face challenges as they curate, program, and distribute their high-value content across multiple—often global—distribution chains.

“Maintaining a very high viewer quality of experience (QoE) across such a complex, dynamic media ecosystem requires reliance on big data analytics—and the predictive capabilities of data science technologies—all customised and scaled to the specific mission at hand. When this rich, valuable, near-real-time data is shared freely by different departments across the enterprise, M&E organizations can be far more responsive to its viewer and subscriber needs, more in control of its branded medium content, and much more competitive in the marketplace,” explained Korte.

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