Digital Alert Systems Releases Major Update for Its DASEOC Integrated CAP+IPAWS Origination System

The DASEOC Integrated CAP+IPAWS Origination System from Digital Alert Systems
The DASEOC Integrated CAP+IPAWS Origination System from Digital Alert Systems


Digital Alert Systems (formerly Monroe Electronics), the global leader in emergency communications solutions for video services providers, today announced a major update to the company's Emergency Operations Centers' product, the DASEOC integrated CAP+IPAWS origination system, a cost-effective solution for distribution of all hazards alerts and warnings. The new version 4.1 update to DASEOC brings public safety users and alert originators support for expanded mobile alert messaging features via Wireless Emergency Alert (WEA), alert cancellation features, added security, and an array of valuable new capabilities in managing and enhancing alert messages.

"The DASEOC version 4.1 update enables emergency managers to leverage the expanded mobile alerting capabilities of IPAWS and WEA 2.0, incorporates the latest guidance from IPAWS, and also adds an important ability to cancel an incorrect or accidental alert message," said Edward Czarnecki, Senior Director, Strategy & Government Affairs, at Digital Alert Systems. "New options and capabilities within DASEOC 4.1 give users a variety of tools that can help them to improve the quality and utility of emergency messaging."

The new support for WEA 2.0 in DASEOC v4.1 gives public safety users more robust capabilities in sending alerts to mobile phones. The v4.1 update enables longer 360-character mobile alert messages, while simultaneously supporting smaller messages of up to 90 characters for WEA 1.0 mobile phones. The v4.1 update provides real-time preview support for both message types.

The DASEOC also extends its Spanish-language support by including automated translation for WEA 2.0 mobile alert messages. Public safety agencies can either input their own alert messages in English or Spanish, or use automatically translated templates. The DASEOC provides the ability to send both English and Spanish alerts simultaneously, so users can receive Spanish alerts if their phone is set to the Spanish language. Importantly, DASEOC users can easily manage enhanced and bilingual WEA messaging while continuing to support WEA 1.0 phones.

The update also adds Spanish-language definitions of the latest weather alert codes: Extreme Wind Warning (EWW), Storm Surge Warning (SSW), and Storm Surge Advisory (SSA). The DASEOC v4.1 update also revises the auto-selection of event type handling codes for WEA, based on recent FEMA IPAWS guidance. The new CAP Cancel feature within version 4.1 allows users to cancel and withdraw an alert (sent through IPAWS) in the event of an incorrect or inadvertent alert message. This is an important addition added in response to requests by numerous DASEOC users, as well as in line with recommendations by numerous federal agencies and Congress. A new series of alert origination enhancements for DASEOC include a quick view of active alerts messages that have been sent. In addition, several security updates further enhance user login protections.

WEA is a mobile alert messaging system that allows geographically targeted alerts to be sent to mobile phones. WEA alerts are sent from the DASEOC through FEMA's IPAWS to participating wireless carriers, who then push the alerts to mobile devices in the affected areas.

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