Tactile Telemetry



A comprehension of the hype surrounding Telemetric Network Monitoring, and how it will help drive a new era in the M&E sphere

By Anisha Gakhar

Telemetry is an automated communications process, by which measurements and other data is collected from remote difficult-to-reach points, and transmitted to a receiver for monitoring. The word is derived from its Greek origins: tele = remote, and metron = measure.
Although telemetry commonly indicates wireless data transfer mechanisms (e.g., using radio, ultrasonic, or infrared systems), it also encompasses data transferred over other media such as a telephone, computer network, optical link or other wired communications like power line carriers. Most conventional telemetry systems leverage the low cost and ubiquity of GSM networks, using SMS to receive and transmit telemetry data. It also allows the transit of multiple streams of content and information, all within a fixed frame.
A telemeter incorporates a sensor, a transmission path, and a display, recording, or control device; to remotely measure any quantity.

Andreas Hilmer, director, Marketing & Communications, Lawo.

If we take into consideration a system’s ability to provide full network and media visibility, the Lawo System Monitoring And Realtime Telemetry Dashboard (aka smartDASH) is a vendor-agnostic enterprise software suite, designed to provide visibility across an all IP, all SDI or hybrid WAN/LAN broadcast infrastructure.
The smartDASH is built in a way that it bridges the gap between IT and video engineering, bestriding each side of the operation to provide an elaborate view of the network’s operations, and the behaviour of the media streams flowing across the network. Based on a UNIX OS, the software defined networking solution incorporates a robust database to document and swiftly search any aspect of the operation, from a simple cable ID number – to seeking the journey of a multicast across a transnational multi-hop WAN. Additionally, by leveraging a sprawling library of hardware communication protocols, the system interrogates live and dormant path connections to create the most intuitive and data rich presentation layers of a COTS-hybrid infrastructure.

Another feature of smartDASH is the deep packet inspection micro-services, which supports monitoring and decoding of wide range of media formats, from low bitrate OTT/ABR streams to uncompressed ST2110 studio production flows. This approach proves useful, when an organisation needs a deep dimension of operational visibility, by unifying network telemetry and mixed media flow into a single glass view. Since the software solution is scalable, it enables amalgamation of data from every corner of one’s network.
A smart telemetric system can help document all facets of the media network and infrastructure, by keeping a track of the device inventory and spares. The smartDASH system facilitates the account CAPEX and OPEX KPIs, thereby catalysing easy management of the total cost of ownership. It also helps visualise connectivity and bandwidth usage with precision, discover and trace live media flows along the end-to-end path from origination to destination, and transcend network and media data points into actionable intelligence.
Forward telemetry agents provide in-service and out-of-service alarm generation and reporting, which in turn, reduces the time-to-address a malfunction. This increases the productivity be reducing the out-of-operation lad considerably. A telemetric system should enhance real-time communication from COTS platforms to third party purpose build equipments, to ensure a flexible work ecosystem. A solution like smartDASH presents an opportunity to comprehend unified presentation layer dashboards, and helps accelerate revenue generation through awareness and speed of data.

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