Singapore’s AIMS Productions chooses Riedel MediorNet for Resorts World Sentosa project

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AIMS Productions, a Singapore-based visual production company, has chosen Riedel Communications’ MediorNet, a real-time signal transport and network technology, for a ballroom project at the Resorts World Sentosa complex. MediorNet MicroN high-density media distribution network devices will provide signal connectivity for a 360-degree projection system in the ballroom.

“We believe in the adage ‘the chain is only as strong as its weakest link,’ and hence, we chose Riedel for its cutting-edge, high-bandwidth data transport and signal-distribution technologies. The MediorNet MicroN devices give our customer unlimited flexibility in moving, processing, and distributing signals. Each MicroN offers a high-density signal interface, with built-in signal processing features, which eliminate the need for many external devices,” said Choong Yip Weng, GM, Aims Productions (SG) Pte Ltd.

“Riedel’s system consulting team played a pro-active role in the design of the system, with AIMS, to construct an efficient solution. This co-operation, coupled with the comprehensive feature set that MicroN comprises, resulted in a winning solution for Resorts World Sentosa,” said Rajveer Singh, GM – Southeast Asia, Riedel Communications.

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