NDI® Showcases the Power of Moving Video – and Moving the World – With Newly Launched NDI TV

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NDI®, the free protocol enabling video over IP and a part of the Vizrt Group, is launching its own unique, digital-first communication platform under the banner of NDI TV (www.ndi.tv). The new programming schedule on NDI.tv highlights relevant and tangible ways businesses and individuals are improving both their content and communications by harnessing the power of NDI and IP-based video.

The platform will follow similarly in format to sister brands VizrTV (www.vizr.tv) and NewTekTV (www.newtek.tv), but offer unique and compelling content focused on NDI and creators who move video and, in doing so, move the world. Topics will span broadcast, professional and personal use of NDI, with highlights including tutorials on new NDI tools, key updates for developers, and demonstrations on how to improve workplace connectivity with NDI integration into Microsoft Teams.

Live Q&A sessions during the broadcasts will allow viewers to ask questions of the NDI team and presenters. Those interested in taking part in the discussion live are encouraged to sign up now at www.ndi.tv

“The change in today’s world means that we’ve all had to engage with live video more. We’ve come to always expect quality and compelling video and we’ve all become more comfortable and professional in front of a camera” said Michael Namatinia NDI President and General Manager. “NDI is a core part of this new storytelling process the world is embracing. With NDI TV we’re going to showcase some new tricks NDI and NDI users have created to help all of us move video and move the world.”

The Vizrt Group is a globally scaled company that operates locally. The company’s digital-first platforms of VizrTV (www.vizr.tv), NewTekTV (www.newtek.tv), and NDI TV (www.ndi.tv) are committed to communicating critical stories that support its customers and partners as they adapt to the changes in the world of video by harnessing the power of IP-based, software-defined visual storytelling (#SDVS) on a local, regional, national and global basis.

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