Which Tricaster is right for you?


To produce a great video, you need great equipment. For every size of video production, there's a NewTek TriCaster that's a perfect fit. Make anything from keynote presentations and webcasts to online training and events look just like TV with quality, consistency and efficiency.

With the right TriCaster, you can:

- Mix multiple cameras, video, computer sources and graphics
- Add Skype video calls or other remote sources to your productions
- Create your own custom visuals and titles
- Completely automate whole parts of your production
- Stream videos like a pro
- Best of all, you can get a fully professional result without extensive professional training.

Find out which TriCaster is right for you by starting with this easy Product Selection Guide.

Learn more: https://go.newtek.com/l/428312/2020-08-17/6mxvzw?utm_source=Digital+Stud...

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