mimoLive - All-in-one livestreaming production platform for Mac

Small teams big outcome - How to broadcast and stream without large teams?


Production & broadcasting is no exception to suffer the wrath of COVID19 virus that hit the world early this year. As most industries try to re-open and resume work, the production industry still struggles to find a way to work with small teams and less support staff. Ideal would be a single person handling the direction and production while focus should be on the quality of content, but is that possible? The answer is yes, Steffen Skopp head of marketing, Boinx Software, says: “mimoLive™ makes it possible to direct large live productions with small teams. It gives the professional touch to any live production by adding various broadcasting features”.
Boinx Software is a German software company which specialises in photo and video editing software for Mac. The company follows Steve Jobs' approach, by focusing on easy to use but high performance software. Over the years they have collected several Apple .awards for their various software releases. Now they introduce their live video editor, mimoLive™, first time to the indian market.

What does mimoLive stand for?

The name mimoLive is an acronym which stands for multiple input, multiple output live video editor. It is a software-based live stream production studio. In simple words, mimoLive is a video encoder, multi video switcher, graphic engine and streaming software. mimoLive™ makes professional broadcasting tools accessible for everyone and makes complex workflows easy.
The built-in browser based remote surface allows users to manage multiple actions, like starting pre-recorded videos, switching cameras, adding logos and lower thirds, changing live scoring for sports and many more things. The remote surface can be controlled through any web-browser, like from tablets or smartphones which makes directing a live stream show a great experience.

The mimoCall feature allows guests to dial-in over their web browser for recording, streaming interviews and podcasts.

The mimoLive product range contains mimoLive desktop application for Macs, mimoLive Reporter for iOS, mimoCam for iOS and mimoLive Remote for iOS. Beside that mimoLive can connect to any NDI® application such as NDI HX Camera.

How mimoLive supports single-person live stream productions?

mimoLive performs multiple actions simultaneously on single keystrokes. This live stream editor enables you to create great live streams as a one-person production. mimoLive is the all-in-one solution for live streaming professionals, fully supported for an NDI® based workflow.
For bigger productions mimoLive will integrate easily into the existing workflow. The ATEM Switcher Plugin allows users to control a BlackMagic Design ATEM Switcher from mimoLive. The syphon layer allows to import video feeds of a 2nd mimoLive instance running on the same computer and through NDI inputs and outputs various mimoLive computers can even be connected within the same local area network.

mimoLive takes advantage of being exclusively designed for Mac; it is fully optimized for macOS® to use the highest CPU and GPU performance available from the hardware.

Boinx has recently collaborated with a Chennai based software and technology solution provider, NCS Techno System, who will be the first distributor for Boinx from South India market. The company’s future marketing plan is to establish an online mimoLive community channel/space that will hold regular interactions, software updates, live stream for customer education and support.

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