DejaSoft unveils DejaEdit Version 3

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Dynamic tech start-up DejaSoft has launched Version 3 of its cutting-edge media file synchronising software tool -  DejaEdit. An essential application vital for film productions, DejaEdit enables Avid editors to work together from any location by ensuring that media and bins are copied securely and in the background, between each remote editing station or Nexus / EditShare storage system.

DejaEdit 3 includes exciting innovations that enhances the editor’s user experience and provides improved workflow management, efficiency, and additional reliable security features. These new upgrade developments are crucial toolsets designed to also support producers and post supervisors in simplifying complex media file sharing activities across the entire production process.

Some of the highlights featured in DejaEdit 3 include the option for users to use their own S3 account for Cloud media storage; upgraded “Private and Public” bin sharing abilities; sophisticated “Folder Support”; “Notifications”; partial media downloads to each editor; License key safeguards; and the brand new DejaEdit Manager, outlined below.

In brief, DejaEdit uses an intuitive “email” style interface, which is presented within the Avid environment, where bins and metadata can be shared with other users by simply dropping it into the “Outbox”, “ToSet” or “ToVFX” folders. What’s new in DejaEdit’s Version 3 is that editors can now add subfolders to these pre-set folders to further help organise shared media assets. Also new, is a notification system to alert editors about newly available material and the location of that shared content.

Another new feature that improves efficient working is the ability to share bins with selected users, and all users. These beneficial features are again intuitively presented as subfolders within the “Outbox” structure. Each connected user has a dedicated folder in the Outbox. Bins dropped into these folders, will only be shared with the specified user.

“DejaEdit Manager” is another significant new element aimed at post-production supervisors in Version 3. It provides the post supervisor with the capability to control both the workflow and the security of sharing sessions. For example, a supervisor can lock DejaEdit licenses to the unique ID (UUID) of a given computer to protect assets from being shared to unauthorised systems. 

DejaEdit 3 also allows the use of the client’s own cloud storage via Amazon Web Services S3, Wasabi Hot Cloud or Backblaze. This enables a client to have ownership over the whole sharing operation. For further details about all of the new features in DejaEdit 3, visit

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