EditShare’s EFSv Lifts Hollywood and Beyond into the Cloud for Open and Secure Remote Work

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EditShare’s EFSv will lift Hollywood, and beyond, into the cloud, enabling open and secure remote work for many industries, including corporate, sports, remote education, film production, branding and more. The embargoed release will be ready for you to review on Monday. If you would like to set up an interview with EditShare for comments on this news, please let me know ASAP and I will get that scheduled.

EditShare’s next webinar, is part of their interactive series, titled “EditShare Extends Collaborative Editing into the Cloud with EFSv.” The webinar will take place next Wednesday, April 22nd and will detail how EditShare’s EFSv will help businesses accelerate their cloud deployments and increase productivity.

The upcoming news and webinar topic will highlight EditShare’s new EFSv platform that offers virtualized video-editing and storage to help customers seamlessly transition from on-premise workflows to optimized remote production workflow in the cloud. During the webinars, EditShare will walk through the framework, setup, and ongoing management of the production environment in the cloud. They will discuss and demonstrate multi-vendor NLE support inclusive of multi-platform collaborative editing with intelligent locking and permissions capabilities as well as methods for clustering AWS instances to meet the scale-out variable requirements of bandwidth, storage, and multi-track editing in the cloud. And, they will provide a blueprint for starting small and growing as needs grow.

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