THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE RIGHT STORY: Praveen Singh travelled all over India to highlight endangered animals in many types of terrain, for the second season of On the Brink

Picture shown is for illustration purpose only
Picture shown is for illustration purpose only


“We need a tripod that’s not just lightweight and easy to carry, but stable and sturdy enough to handle the long lenses and bigger cameras that are the tools of our trade. It’s incredible that a tripod as light as flowtech can handle our payloads, which are often over 15 kilograms. With its fast setup and ability to manoeuvre in tight places and on difficult terrain, flowtech 100 is the perfect solution as we visit India’s wild places and document animals On the Brink,” added Singh.

While the first season of On the Brink was broadcast by the Discovery Channel India and Animal Planet India, the second season will likely be shown over OTT platforms. “Our primary motivation is to get the series seen by as many people as possible,” noted Singh. “ROI is important, but spreading awareness about these amazing species – and what’s being done to help them – is our biggest motivation,” he concluded.

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