GETTING THE SHOT: Praveen Singh travelled all over India to highlight endangered animals in many types of terrain, for the second season of On the Brink

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The Meghalayan segment of On the Brink was especially challenging, taking the crew deep into a limestone cave to capture colonies of critically endangered bats. “We had to be able to capture small groups of bats up in crevices, where they might be visible just through a small gap. A traditional tripod would have been difficult or impossible to position for that small, narrow angle, but with flowtech, it was fast and easy with the locks enabling three different angles,” he added.

In another instance, the crew found themselves 4,600 meters up on a plateau in the Himalayan Spiti Valley, crouched down to film elusive blue sheep with the flowtech100 spread wide and close to the ground. “The ability to just take the off the centre spreader and get the camera down to 10 inches off the ground is a huge plus – it means we don’t have to carry an extra set of baby legs. We can also get the tripod up as high as 60 inches, which came in handy with the elephants. Flowtech gives us the stability, flexibility, and ease of setup that are so critical for many types of wildlife shoots,” explained Singh.

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