EXPLORING THE HIDDEN : Praveen Singh travelled all over India to highlight endangered animals in many types of terrain, for the second season of On the Brink

Akanksha Sood Singh, On the Brink, Praveen Singh, Wildlife documentary filmmaker, Wildlife programs, Wildlife documentaries, Natural History filmmaking, Montana State University, Television Arts and Sciences Foundation College TV Awards, Canon EOS C700, Panasonic Varicam 35 cinematic camera, EF lenses


Together with his wife and co-producer, Akanksha Sood Singh, Singh just wrapped the second season of the acclaimed series, On the Brink. The program spans diverse landscapes and unique locations throughout India, with each episode highlighting an animal species, which is either endangered or vulnerable. Season two stars range from snow leopards, India’s iconic elephants, and Olive Ridley turtles to the croc-like gharials of the Chambal River, to the limestone caves of Meghalaya, India’s bat haven, and exotic pangolins – the only mammals with scales.

The primary gear setup for On the Brink was a Canon EOS C700 or Panasonic Varicam 35 cinematic camera with EF lenses, mounted on a Sachtler Video 18-S2 fluid head and Sachtler’s flowtech100 tripod. The crew also relied on infrared lighting and an IR camera for low-light shoots such as the bat caves and the mass nesting of the turtles. Shooting conditions ranged from sandy beaches and humid rainforests, where the temperature could reach 45 degrees, to locations high in the Himalayas, with night-time temperatures often below zero. The rugged carbon-fibre design of flowtech100 was up to the task, wherever the shoot.

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