SubtitleNEXT at the forefront of AV and media industries

SubtitleNEXT team at Media4all 8 event
SubtitleNEXT team at Media4all 8 event


PBT EU and Profuz Digital, unveiled an array of SubtitleNEXT toolsets for language, media, and subtitling professionals, media and AV markets at the Media 4All 8 event. SubtitleNEXT software equips users with state-of-the-art multilingual timed-text tools specifically geared up for AVT, media accessibility and entertainment environments.

Ivanka Vassileva, CEO, PBT EU, reflected, "There was general concern about AI and Machine Learning (ML) as it has created uncertainty and unpredictability in many areas. We sensed an increased awareness, acceptance and recognition for the SubtitleNEXT brand as a consistent industry player with helpful and work-life-changing capabilities."

Alexander Stoyanov, sales director, PBT EU, added, “The company is seeing much more interest and penetration in the educational institutions, and a lot of universities are discovering that SubtitleNEXT is a compelling solution to include to their courses and curricula. It’s also a fact that audio descriptions and many unconventional accessibility techniques are expected to grow. Chiefly, the games industry is one I am keeping an eye on – it is soon projected to exceed filmmaking, and this brings immense potential.”

“My Profuz Digital development team is working on the next version of SubtitleNEXT, which will incorporate vital feedback received at Media4All.  It will include new exciting feature-sets that will reinforce SubtitleNEXT’s position the 'go-to' dependable product for creative subtitle generation, and it is already playing an integral role across the AVT, MA and filmmaking processes.” said Kamen Ferdinandov, CTO, Profuz Digital and the brainchild behind SubtitleNEXT.

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