Primestream's automated transcription and video cataloging selected by OAS

Primestream's data viewer platform
Primestream's data viewer platform


Primestream, a known name in Media Asset Management (MAM) and workflow automation, has announced that the Organization of American States (OAS) has selected its Xchange platform — hosted in the cloud and integrated with Artificial Intelligence (AI) — to catalog their media assets.

The AI integration will recognise every representative speaker within any video generated from any session of the OAS. Concurrently, the audio content will be transcribed from multiple languages so it can be quickly delivered to the 35 OAS member countries, which includes every country in the Americas. This is a significant improvement over the previous manual process, which could take up to 30 days to accomplish the same tasks.

“Primestream understood the challenges that the OAS/OEA faced and thanks to a collaborative effort, we now have a cloud-based intelligent service that will empower the Ambassadors and the different departments of the OAS with powerful new tools to improve the documentation and video cataloging workflows with new operational efficiencies,” said Alan Dabul, director - Product Development, Primestream.

“By accelerating the cataloging and transcription delivery, the OAS/OEA will be able to serve its members in a way that would not be possible without the adoption of AI, combined with Primestream’s Dynamic Media Asset Management,” said Claudio Lisman, president and CEO, Primestream. “In addition to the automated transcription services, Primestream Xchange in the cloud will make the media content searchable using metadata as well as facial and text recognition.”

By adopting Primestream’s technology, the OAS will leverage its Xchange platform in a cloud-based architecture, and will be able to easily extend access to its video content and related documentation to its offices across the Americas.

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