VuWall and TBC Consoles partner to offer control room kit

VuWall and TBC Consoles partner to offer control room kit
VuWall and TBC Consoles partner to offer control room kit


VuWall, provider of video wall and AV network management, and TBC Consoles — a technical furniture designer, manufacturer, and installer— have announced a partnership to provide customers with an affordable control room kit that addresses the specific requirements of small to midsize control rooms — and complements VuWall solutions. Engineered to simplify the design, quoting and purchasing, and installation process for small and medium size control rooms, the new visualisation kit includes TBC SmartTrac Console System and the VuWall ecosystem in one solution. Customers  need to add the displays of their choice for a control room deployment.

"As the need for surveillance, monitoring, and collaboration capabilities proliferate across facilities of all sizes, customers are requesting a simple and efficient workstation that scales to smaller environments with robust monitoring and collaboration requirements," said Paul Vander Plaetse, CEO, VuWall. The kit includes the VuStation KVM multiviewer, a control workstation that enables operators to interact with multiple sources from a single keyboard and mouse on their desktop; VuScape, a series of power and modular video wall controllers for small and large-scale video walls; and VuWall Touch Panel, featuring a PoE tablet with an intuitive interface designer, that doesn't require any programming skills to configure.

TBC's SmartTrac Console System is designed to meet modern surveillance and monitoring demands within a lightweight aluminum and steel-based workstation that can be combined with other consoles, carts, or accessories to allow the system to adapt to any sized control room. It features cable management, height adjustment, rack modules built into the countertop, and the ability to mount a variety of accessories without tools.

"We are tasked with providing workstations where the operators can view a variety of sources on multiple monitors, in a setting that incorporates hardware and software to meet their needs and allows for future expansion," said Jansen Hahn, COO, TBC Consoles.

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