Cooke Optics presents #ShotOnCooke global online motion gallery

#ShotOnCooke fashion commercials
#ShotOnCooke fashion commercials


Cooke Optics is pleased to announce #ShotOnCooke, an online motion gallery showcasing the use of Cooke’s lens ranges, across a variety of production genres. The website, which is the brainchild of Carey Duffy, director - Sales, Europe, Cooke, has been designed as an insightful, educational resource, presenting professional content created with Cooke lenses from around the world, championing great cinematography and highlighting interesting case studies.

“The concept of #ShotOnCooke is to offer ‘real world’ content that represents and defines the Cooke look across our different lens families on different production genres, while also offering real insight into the DOP’s choices and reasoning for their selection of lens, aspect ratio, cameras and lighting,” said Duffy.

Catherine Crawley, director - Marketing, Cooke Optics, added, “We considered using trailers from films or TV programmes, but came up against a major obstacle: trailers sell a film, not a cinematographic look. Instead, we wanted to produce something that was unique, interactive, and educational that puts the cinematographer at the heart of it.”

The website presents sequences from feature films, television programmes, documentaries, short films, commercials, and music promos, with sub-categories within commercials for fashion, automotive, food, beauty, and travel, to show how a certain lens family used in a particular way can help to enhance the visual style of a project. Film and TV categories will also be sub-categorised as the amount of content grows.

In addition, the site features technical details about each clip, such as the cinematographer’s name, camera model, aspect ratio, lens series and focal lengths, as well as production information such as the director, colourist, post house, rental house, and relevant hyperlinks.

Highlighting the variety of material that Cooke is seeking, Crawley said, “It is nice to feature the big budget, award-winning, high production value material, but we are also keen to present interesting production choices, such as using one single focus length lens, a 1:1 aspect ratio, a single take Steadicam shot, and we are also keen to highlight students and young cinematographers who show great promise. It's about being excited about the content that Cooke lenses are being used for, and creating a virtuous circle between Cooke and our global creative community."

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