Vaxis’ launches wireless video units

Vaxis Storm 3000
Vaxis Storm 3000


The Vaxis Storm 3000 Wireless HDMI/SDI Transmission Suite can transmit uncompressed 3G SDI/HDMI HD video signals at distances of up to one kilometre, with no compression and almost-zero delay. Wireless video transmission systems are a crucial part of any production. The Vaxis Storm 3000 is the company’s new flagship wireless transmission suite, aimed at helping send and receive wireless video signals over large distances. The suite includes a transmitter and a receiver, both featuring a 3G/HD SDI interface and an HDMI (1.3) interface. The Storm 3000 can transmit and receive 525i, 625i, 720p and 1080p (up to 60P) signals over a distance greater than 3000 feet.

The Storm 3000 uses AES 128 encryption, which is useful on larger productions where every bit of vision needs to be kept confidential. The Vaxis Storm 3000 TX and the RX, both have an SDI loop to enable connecting to a monitor from the same device. The transmitter uses two removable ‘sword’ antennas, and the receiver uses five antennas that are built-into the housing. This design helps the antennas mitigate dBi loss from reflections because the polarisation does not change when the waves reflect off surfaces. The antennas have ceramic plates - which according to Vaxis, increases the signal strength.

The Storm system operates on the 5.1-5.9 GHz frequency band and it can be software configured to change the ISM band - so that licenses can be given for it to work in different global regions. On the front of the transmitter and receiver, there is a control panel with an OLED screen and channel adjustment button.

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