Transvideo CineMonitorHD to be showcased at Cine Gear 2019

The Transvideo 8 inch CinemonitorHD X-SBL SuperBright monitor
The Transvideo 8 inch CinemonitorHD X-SBL SuperBright monitor


Transvideo,  a producer of monitor products for camera and optics, will exhibit the following at the forthcoming Cine Gear Expo, at Los Angeles:

  • The StarliteHD-m ‘Metadator’ that collects data from Cooke/I lenses and ZEISS Lenses, and merges it with the metadata of ARRI Alexa, Black Magic URSA, PANASONIC Varicam, RED and SONY Venice cameras
  • The Transvideo CineMonitorHD input board offering UHD 4K SDI input, 3G Level A/B and other features
  • The StarliteHD+ and the Stargate monitor-recorders
  • A Universal Multirod Adapter for Steadicam stabilisers
  • The Transvideo range of ARRI compatible monitor-recorders, StarliteRF-WVS, StarliteHD5-ARRI and the StarliteRF-AlexaMini

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