MultiDyne reduces fiber-optic Investment for Videoworks

MultiDyne SMPTE HUT camera transceivers used by Videoworks
MultiDyne SMPTE HUT camera transceivers used by Videoworks


Videoworks, California-based mobile production and rental house has selected MultiDyne SMPTE HUT camera transceivers to pair with its Sony fiber camera systems. ProFlixSales, an Atlanta-based online equipment retailer specialising in video production, recommended MultiDyne to Videoworks..

“MultiDyne saved our customer $260 per device. This is a huge benefit to a smaller mobile production company like Videoworks, with a limited equipment budget. They intend to order additional transceivers in the near future,” said Shimon Hirschhorn, VP - Sales and Marketing for ProFlixSales.

Hirschhorn pointed to the Pasadena Pops Summer Concert Series and the Long Beach Pops as examples of the efficiencies that MultiDyne’s SMPTE HUT transceivers have delivered for live productions. Videoworks recently transitioned from very expensive SMPTE fiber cable to far more cost-efficient tactical cables. The Pasadena project required the Videoworks team to pull wire and fiber cables underground, with two front of house cameras outfitted with SMPTE HUT devices to move video and data to the truck. Videoworks uses SMPTE HUT devices to transport intercom and video content for the venue screens over single-fiber connections to the Videoworks truck for the Long Beach Pops project.

The SMPTE HUT simplifies adaptation to different kinds of cameras when needed, with clear labeling that enables configuration changes in less than 10 seconds. “The fiber-optic infrastructure is the heart of the camera system for companies, and solutions from companies like MultiDyne need to solve problems rather than cause them,” said Porter. “We are sometimes moving media over distances of 3500 feet while maintaining signal integrity, and reducing labor by being able to plug the SMPTE HUT devices directly into the camera HDCU or I/O panel at the truck without additional integration requirements," he added.

“There are no more blinking red lights causing alarm,” added Hirschhorn. “Everyone can concentrate on making video images look great for their live productions.”

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