InfinitySet 3.1 changes the game in virtual production

The InfinitySet Hub
The InfinitySet Hub


Brainstorm, a manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, introduced its InfinitySet 3.1, the latest version of its augmented reality and virtual set solution. Version 3.1 introduces a range of rendering features which allow InfinitySet to create the realistic content for virtual and mixed reality, virtual sets, real-time post-production and film pre-visualisation.

InfinitySet can deliver real-time ray tracing, which provides accurate rendering, with complex light conditions. Ray tracing offers natural,  realistic rendered images, which is essential for photorealistic content generation.Using these technologies along with other advanced rendering capabilities like the Combined Render Engine with Unreal Engine 4.22, PBR materials or HDR, InfinitySet can create virtual content which can’t be distinguished from reality.

A new module to enhance presentations by creating advanced AR content using material from any presentation tool, such as Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe PDF, and including keyed talents was also demonstrated. For news, shows or other content involving talents and additional AV material, this module simplifies content production by creating a new interface which minimises complexity in the setup and display of the different assets that integrate the presentation/show: slides, pictures, movies, PDF or PPT presentations, 3D objects and many more, including Aston projects and forms.

Héctor Viguer, CTO and director - Innovation, Brainstorm, sid,s “The ability of InfinitySet to be ahead of the game in terms of flexibility, feature set and content quality is maximised with version 3.1.This coupled with the  hardware innovations provided by NVIDIA, willdefinitely change the game for content creation."

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