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At IBC2018, Pebble Beach Systems showcased an integration between its Dolphin integrated channel device and XStream EFS shared storage options, from storage and workflow company, EditShare.
Dolphin is a compact and cost-effective channel device, operating under the control of Pebble’s Marina automation. It delivers automated integrated audio, video and graphics functionality for ingest, channel branding and frame-accurate multi-channel playout. The flexible pipeline design enables customisation for each channel, and order in which functions including graphics, effects, and aspect ratio conversion are handled within the system.
Key features include having access to external shared storage which has backups of all locally stored content. In ‘N+m’ redundancy scenarios there may be a number of channels playing out on Dolphin devices, with an additional spare device in the system as a backup. If any one of the main channels fails, the spare would be deployed, but there would inevitably be a delay while the content is copied across to its local storage. Possibly the spare device may be wanted for use as a preview channel, but impractical delays are incurred if, again, content has to first be copied to its local storage.
“We are encountering use cases for shared storage frequently as the user base for Dolphin continues to grow and broadcasters seek to add to the resilience and flexibility of their operations,” said Alison Pavitt, marketing manager, Pebble Beach Systems.

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