Oregon’s KMVU upgrades NVerzion automation solution

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Oregon-based KMVU has upgraded its NVerzion automation solution in order to support an additional channel, add a backup playlist, and optimize the efficiency of its file-based workflow. Utilizing NVerzion’s Component Level Automation System Solutions (CLASS), the local Fox television affiliate in Medford claims it has dramatically sped up operations, providing its viewers with a high-quality on-air presentation while reducing its capital and operational costs.

“Since KMVU operates multiple channels, including the area’s Fox affiliate, Me-TV, and KFBI-LD, an affiliate of My Network TV, efficiency is absolutely critical,” said Eric Rand, Chief Engineer at KMVU. “After seeing the dramatic time and cost savings that NVerzion’s CLASS platform provides, we decided to ramp up our efficiency efforts by upgrading and adding automation support for a third channel, KFBI, and backing up the main playlist. The result has been nothing short of amazing. We now have time and energy to focus on other important tasks while the automation system works reliably in the background.”


Recently, KMVU added the following hardware and software components to its already existing NVerzion automation solution: NControl on-air playlists, NCompass FTP/metadata manager, and EMC-NT Ethernet machine control. With CLASS, KMVU can control a variety of third-party equipment.

For instance, leveraging NControl, the station guarantees seamless on-air switching for all three channels. NControl uses built-in features to interface with the main house video/audio routing system for a clean cuts-only signal, while managing and airing server-stored content. By providing KMVU with a backup playlist for its main channel, CLASS guarantees the integrity of the station’s on-air presentation.

Happy to assist a returning customer, Reed Haslam, Director of Sales and Marketing at NVerzion noted that by upgrading its CLASS automation platform, KMVU has increased the flexibility, simplicity, and reliability of its file-based workflow, bringing operational efficiency and cost savings to a whole new level. “Like every project, we took the time to listen to our customer and tailored their requirements to a new workflow management solution, while keeping within their budget constraints,” he added.

Based on a modular architecture, CLASS enables the station to easily add more features and perform future upgrades as its needs evolve. The scalable platform also provides KMVU with the flexibility to support additional channels and subchannels in the future. KMVU is using NCompass to automatically manage the processing and playout of file-based content received from Pathfire, PitchBlue, and Extreme Reach.

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