New EditShare XStream EFS storage solution introduces ACL media spaces

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EditShare, a provider of intelligent shared storage, QC and media management solutions, announced that its flagship EditShare XStream EFS shared storage solutions will now feature ACL Media Spaces as well as enhanced storage space utilisation reporting. EditShare XStream EFS ACL Media Spaces and new storage space reporting capabilities will be demonstrated at NAB 2018.
“While EditShare has traditionally focused on keeping storage management tools simple for creative users, ‘power-user’ administrators who are more accustomed to SAN storage and Windows-NT style controls will appreciate this new addition,” commented Bill Thompson, EditShare’s storage product manager.
Along with the new ACL Media Spaces, EditShare has revamped the way it reports used and free space on its EFS systems. “Because EFS administrators can choose between several different file protection schemes, each requiring different amounts of storage capacity overhead, showing how much physical disk space is being used by a set of files, and reporting remaining capacity, can require some tedious mental gymnastics,” said Thompson. “Our new reporting package dramatically simplifies the situation.”
The new ACL Media Space feature is aimed at organisations that prefer to manage storage via Access Control Lists instead of ‘read-only’ or ‘read/write’ rules that govern current EditShare EFS media spaces. ACL Spaces are managed in Finder and Windows Explorer extensions that are installed with EditShare Connect. Users with the ACL Management Limited Administrative permission can modify ACL Space permissions.

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