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By deploying Imagine Communications’ cloud-native disaster recovery solution, 15 channels of Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited are able to stay on-air at all times

Imagine Communications, which endeavours to empower the media and entertainment industry through transformative innovation, has delivered a compact, cloud-native disaster recovery (DR) solution to Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL). The business continuity solution utilises the built-in redundancy capabilities of virtualised and geo-dispersed environments to provide ZEEL with improved protection of its playout operations for considerably less cost than to build and maintain duplicate facilities.

ZEEL has rolled out a state-of-the-art cloud-based business continuity solution at its DR facility in Mumbai using Imagine Communications’ Versio playout solution and the company’s D-Series automation solution. The backup site supports ZEEL’s 15 channels running on Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) servers across a virtual platform that mirrors the main site. Any change made to the main system is immediately reflected on the DR system.

Talking about how the installation has benefited the software-centric TV channel, Amitabh Kumar, head of broadcasting for Zee Network, the parent company of ZEEL, said, “Imagine Communications’ cloud-native business continuity solution helps ensure that our live channels never go off the air irrespective of the circumstances we face during the day-to-day running of our facility. The virtualised nature of the solution has already allowed us to realise savings on rack space and power consumption.” Additionally, the installation’s remote management capabilities help the content creator to reduce resources at the DR site, keeping the opex on the lower side.

A cloud-native approach to DR provides private or public cloud-based restoration of broadcast and video playout operations. More reliable and easier to manage than traditional business continuity solutions, cloud-native disaster recovery is growing in popularity with brands such as Imagine Communications supporting customers on multiple continents. For instance, Versio, which is implemented at ZEEL’s remote facility in Mumbai, is a comprehensive playout solutions running on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) IT platforms.

In Mumbai, Versio works in tandem with the D-Series playout automation system, a highly scalable solution that provides device control for linear playout channels and manages the movement of file-based media to multiple delivery platforms. The D-Series Remote Schedule Synchronization (DRSS) feature enables both the primary and backup ZEEL sites to run in sync.
“ZEEL, which enjoys a long history with Imagine Communications, is amongst the first to transition operations to a fully software-centric model utilising COTS equipment,” said Brick Eksten, chief product officer of Imagine Communications. “It is no surprise that ZEEL is one of the first media companies operating in the Indian subcontinent to recognise the efficiency benefits of cloud-native solutions and to identify business continuity operations as a starting point for the adoption of next-generation architecture.”

Some media companies are adopting cloud-native disaster recovery operations as a first step in the transition of mission-critical operations to virtualised environments, with plans to use the virtualised facilities for launching channels or hosting existing ones after gaining the proper level of comfort in the performance and reliability of the cloud.

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