What are you planning to showcase at IBC this year?

We will showcase the new NETIA Media Assist software suite. Media Assist unites the unique functionality of our proven radio broadcast automation and media management products with a SQL database to provide a robust multimedia asset management system with a full complement of production tools. We designed this powerful new solution to enable users to manage all types of content, in any format, on any platform, from anywhere and at any time. The option of working through a browser-based interface allows journalists and reporters to go fully mobile while maintaining their ability to access, search, edit, and repurpose content. In fact, we already have released Media Assist modules engineered for smartphones and tablets, and we will provide demonstrations of the modules’ functionality throughout the IBC2014 show.

Can you share some of the big deals you bagged in the last one year?

We are very proud of the NETIA Radio automation solution installed at All India Radio (AIR), coordinated by Delhi-based systems integrator Progressive Infotech and completed this past July with the final site going to air. The resulting deployment of NETIA software at AIR’s national broadcast station and across 48 local stations comprises more than 1,000 workstations. Our software has effectively been deployed in every major city across India, and today it equips AIR to inform, educate, and entertain listeners across India with flexibility and efficiency.

How has NETIA product performed worldwide in the last one year? Can you share your growth figures in the Asian region?

In Singapore, MediaCorp has installed our automation software at the heart of its radio production system, using it to run 13 free-to-air radio channels, broadcast in 10 languages. NETIA software automates the MediaCorp radio production chain from ingest to delivery, and it equips the broadcaster’s newsroom with the tools to record, schedule, and edit, with simultaneous access for up to 50 journalists.

Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) has used our software for more than a decade now, and Radio- Assist supports radio operations at 13 of the broadcaster’s regional centers. In Australia, both ABC and SBS are existing users of Radio-Assist, and we’re in discussions about upgrades that would further improve their production workflows.

What are the emerging technological trends in the field of radio automation and media asset management?

Two major technological trends are influencing the radio broadcast industry. The first is the rise of mobility and shift toward providing anywhere, anytime access to content. To capitalize on mobile technology to address evolving user behavior, media companies increasingly are using cross-platform collaboration to help maximize the use of media assets in a multiplatform environment. The second trend concerns engagement with audiences through social media, and this process requires effective management and repurposing of video, audio, images, and associated metadata to adapt to a converging market.

NETIA addresses both of these trends with the new NETIA Media Assist software suite, which leverages our two main product lines — one dedicated to audio/ radio broadcast and the other to video/TV broadcast —to provide a unique end-toend media management and distribution solution that is easily configured, managed, and accessed via a unique Web based interface.

What according to you will be the growth drivers for these industries in the next one year?

The aforementioned trends toward mobility and greater audience engagement through social media will continue to be powerful industry drivers over the coming year. In a highly competitive marketplace, the ability to leverage content effectively — quickly and with relatively little added investment — across multiple platforms will provide to be a key differentiator among content and service providers.

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