Music Mix Mobile upgrades Voyager production truck


New Jersey-based Music Mix Mobile (M3), a Grammy, Emmy, TEC and Canadian Emmy award winning facility has upgraded the audio console in its Voyager production truck. Talking about this, Joel Singer, co-owner and chief engineer of M3, said, “Our goal was to create an even more powerful remote music truck, and the Lawo system allowed us total flexibility for music recording and broadcast, along with the brilliant sound quality required for music applications. We previously had a smaller Lawo mc²36 in this truck, but with the increase in larger input shows we’re doing, we decided to dedicate that mc²36 to one of our smaller mobiles and put a larger Lawo mc²56 into this truck.”

The company now has three mc²56 trucks and one mc²36 truck on the road, doing some of the largest music broadcasts and recordings in this hemisphere. The newly installed mc²56 has a 48-fader surface supported by Lawo’s HD core with four 8-port MADI cards offering 2,048 bidirectional channels and six DSP cards supporting over 560 DSP channels and the use of dual master cards in both the console core and all DALLIS frames providing dual-star redundancy to support critical live-to-air applications.

M3’s Voyager unit had its inaugural run with the new, larger Lawo system at the Tidal Music Festival in Brooklyn, New York. Some important follow-up projects include the iHeartRadio Fiesta Latina 2017 in Miami, and the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas both in November.

In addition to the mc²56, Voyager’s new audio gear complement includes two Lawo DALLIS mic-preamp racks with more I/O for larger events easily added by connecting additional DALLIS modular stageboxes.

Singer concluded, “Working with Lawo is more than installing and using the best gear in the world.  It’s working with a group of people that care about their product, and how it’s used. From day one the interface with local and worldwide Lawo employees equals the brilliance of their products. A win-win situation for anyone working on this level.”

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