MultiDyne expands fiber-optic throwdown series


MultiDyne Fiber Optic Solutions will evolve its range of portable Field Fiber solutions, with its hand-portable DogBone model, which enables users working in mobile production and fixed studios, to connect to an outlet with a conventional line cord, creating a manageable production environment. It accommodates 12G and 3G SDI transport as a single, dual or bi-directional transceiver, along with data, sync and Ethernet.
“Each MultiDyne product generation grows more self-contained as we retire the old design playbook, and give our customers what they need to thrive in today’s high-pressure environment production world,” said Frank Jachetta, president, MultiDyne .
Receiving its debut is the BullDog II, MultiDyne’s next-generation field fiber unit for long-distance signal distribution between trucks, studios and hard-to-reach locations in broadcast, live production and commercial AV applications. It facilitates changing video signal counts from one event to the next, by adding or removing cards. Its ability to interoperate with MultiDyne openGear cards, the MultiDyne VF-9000 rackmount fiber transport frame, and other BullDog systems, ensures flexibility for its users. The system integrates a monitor and touchscreen to enhance signal control and status monitoring between two points.
The BullDog II accommodates multiple video formats (12G, 4K, 3Gb/s, HD/SDI, composite) as well as mic/line audio, intercom, tally, Ethernet, genlock and data.“ With BullDog II, our customers will have one rugged enclosure to accommodate news, sports and live event productions for any field application, where remote powered equipment is required,” said Jachetta.

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