Maximising bandwidth, delivering higher quality outputs a big challenge: Bitmovin

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David Godfrey, VP and GM, Asia Pacific, Bitmovin tells Vinita Bhatia that this is a major challenge for the broadcasting and media industry, in addition to lowering costs and increasing the quality of content delivered

David Godfrey, VP and GM, Asia Pacific, Bitmovin, a provider of online video technology to media companies globally, is very busy preparing for the upcoming BroadcastAsia 2018, which is taking place in Singapore from 26th to 28th June. At this event, the company will reveal various video streaming tech – from its newest Player v8 solution to next-generation streaming optimisations, AI video encoding and its multi-codec, end-to-end workflow that supports next generation standards such as AV1.

Godrey believes that these solution will help the broadcasting, content creation, production, media and entertainment industry deal with the challenge of maximising bandwidth and delivering higher quality outputs, while lowering costs and increasing the quality of content delivered. “There’s no reason why bandwidth restrictions should hold back innovation in consumer experience. Our new partnership with iflix, a leading entertainment service for emerging markets, demonstrates that the delivery of content (such as TV shows, movies and sports) in HD (high definition) video over low bandwidth mobile networks across the Asia Pacific region is indeed a reality,” he explained.

Talking about how technology can mitigate these challenges, he said that the work that Bitmovin does around video delivery and better encoding is the best way to solve the complex challenges of video delivery. Traditional methods do not process high-quality content such as Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range quickly or well enough to deliver the kind of experiences consumers have come to expect.

“With solutions like our AI-powered encoding, we enable our customers to benefit from higher quality outputs and lower bitrates so they can either make savings on the CDN – or offer a higher quality service than their competitors. The need to save costs and improve performance will also drive the adoption of containerised computing and we are already seeing many companies joining us in developing containerized solutions – something we have been doing since our founding in 2013.”

The company claims that its multi-codec streaming solution also helps mitigate bandwidth challenges. Multi-codec streaming enables a player to detect which codec is best suited to the type of content is running and adjusts the experience accordingly. Bitmovin currently supports AV1, HEVC and VP9 alongside MPEG, so its customers can deliver good experience to their subscribers wherever they are, and over any network / platform combination.

Talking about whether the Asia Pacific broadcast market adopting IP video infrastructure at the same pace as international markets, Godfrey comes across as optimistic.We have seen that the Asia Pacific broadcast market has ramped up significantly in the latter years – mainly due to an increase in demand for IP-based products, driven by better and more performant internet infrastructure. Some Service providers in have already moved to an all-IP infrastructure and less matured markets are increasingly looking to deploy unified platforms capable of distributing video across multiple networks – including cable, IPTV, DTTV and OTT. We expect to see a lot of service providers deploying more systems that support an IP infrastructure, as well as enhancements in UHD and HDR and next generation codecs,” he added.

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