The Journey – By surpassing competencies, in their quest to be at the top rung of the success ladder, these trailblazers turned perseverance, into success stories


To adhere to the age-old adage of survival of the fittest is not an easy task, especially in the media and entertainment industry. Yet, there are organisations that have managed to sail through some turbulent situations, and emerged victorious, while also coming up with innovative business strategies and process.
So, what attributes do these successful organisations need to make a mark in this hyper-competitive market?
That is what Digital Studio finds out in the second edition of its annual ‘Journey So Far’ special feature. Once again, we take a look at leading manufacturers and channel partners, the business policies they adopted, and the investments they have made in products, people and practices to steadily grow over the years.
For instance, Carl Zeiss has carved a niche for itself by consistently introducing specialised lenses, which many a cinematographer swears by. Another organisation that has managed to bypass most industry conventions is PHABRIX. Its test and measurement portable equipment has revolutionised the way broadcasters, live production houses and video producers manage their quality compliance workflows.
System integrators are the axes on which the entire broadcasting and post-production technology universe rotates. Subsequently, few diversified their services to accommodate design, configuration and other turnkey projects. One such company, Visual Technologies India Pvt Ltd (VTIPL), has gained immense knowledge and expertise over the years, thus, making them a one-stop shop for all professional audio/video requirements in the media industry.
Similarly, CDM Technologies, through its visionary leadership, helps leading media organisations develop innovative media management systems, and also aids them in complex subjects like workflows, outsourcing solutions, planning and programming for new facilities.
DDP – Dynamic Drive Pool is a multi-award-winning, IP-SAN-delivering full project and file level sharing in a single namespace with SSD caching, load balancing and automatic data redistribution. It also has as a range of additional advantages, including linear bandwidth scaling and mirroring. It offers a high-performance storage solution dedicated to meeting the demands of film, video and audio users; for post-production and broadcast.
We are proud to chronicle the journeys of these innovators, who have added value to the industry tremendously. Their success stories are inspiring
and invigorating; and there is enough learning within it to make others in the business to aspire to reach similar heights.

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