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CDM Technologies and Solutions, has been the primary solution provider, helping broadcasters and television service providers, in solving their most vexing planning and outsourcing dilemmas. The organisation helps media companies develop innovative workflows and planning solutions. The company holds expertise in the fields of programming and planning resources, especially for new facility set-ups. CDM is the prime distributor for leading brands in M&E vertical. Its widespread network provideCDM believes in a thought leadership position, by investing in new ideas & technologies. The company strives to embrace the ever-changing technology landscape to ensure they are ahead of times, and armed with the latest advancements.
CDM, under the visionary leadership of Dilip Kathuria, the director, is always ready to embrace and invest in new technology and advancements. It has created an innovative management system that tracks impacts on performance. The organisation abides by a culture, where learning is given key importance, thus, enabling them to be flexible to challenges hurled at them during execution. CDM is reputed for its strong corporate values, which are primary to their corporate growth and success.

CDM, under the visionary leadership of its director, Dilip Kathuria, helps leading media organisations develop an innovative management system. The company has a sound reputation for having a well-established re-seller channel network.

The company strives on its relentless drive to provide support to its customers, all day, every day. The company firmly believes in corporate values and morals, which are key to the company’s corporate growth and heightened success. It abides by the morales of team-work and discipline, to promote a healthy work environment, which in turn augments the company’s good-will.
To stay competitive in today’s business world, organisations aim to find cost-effective solutions, which in turn help improve productivity, and gain competitive edge, over their peers. Such solutions require the adoption of increasingly complex, and relatively new technologies, which is what CDM exactly strives to provide. Their innovative approach to their business strategy, has been an elemental ingredient in their success story.
The pillars of the foundation of the company, lie on the principles of excellence, integrity, respect and team-work, for CDM. The company strongly believes in the phrase, ‘customer is the king’.

CDM offers solutions from Newtek, some of which include live production systems, video replay systems, control panels, media distribution, network recording and broadcast graphics. The latest note-worthy enhancements this year, have been Newtek’s remote storage, which includes shared storage solutions for modern production workflows. From providing instant access to a large library of stored media assets, to enabling extended recording sessions,and supporting hours of content for archive, on-demand, and post-production, shared remote storage is an elemental requirement in today’s live production environments.the series is powered by SNS.
Another offering on their plate, is the Atomos’ Ninja V series. It is a stealthy, 5-inch, 4Kp60 10bit HDR daylight viewable 1000nit portable monitor/recorder, which is best suited for Mirrorless, DSLRs and gaming. It comes in the variants of 1 inch thickness, weighing 11oz, to 2.5cm thickness, which weighs, 320g. The solution is expected to be ready to ship by this month-end, prior to IBC, 2018.
CDM has also introduced a new recording feature, which records in Pro Res RAW. Itenables a Final Cutpro X user immense flexibility owhilst viewing the image.

Along with Newtek and Atomos, CDM partners with esteemed companies, for instance, ClassX, which provides complex specialised systems for graphics content management both live events and data-based automated audiovisual content workflows. They offer prodcuts from 2D/3D graphics template editors, tomedia-rich play-out systems.
Grass Valley’s comprehensive collection of workflow solutions, facilitated by CDM, help deliver end-to-end television production and content distribution possible. Non linear editors and convertors also are few of their specialisations.
CDM also distributes premium storage solutions from G-Technology, for audio/video production, photography and professional content creation market. Storing, transferring, editing and distributing content, is made easy using G-Technology’s portable desktop drives, flexible transfer/edit solutions and RAID systems.
Bluefish444 is an innovative developer of uncompressed 4K/2K/HD/SD SDI, HDMI & ASI I/O video cards and mini converters, for the professional video industry. CDM has facilitated distribution of these augmentations, making them the preferred choice for video I/O, by virtue of the quality, stability, and features.
CDM also partners with Datavideo, bringing in high-end product features to customers, which want cost effective solutions, broadcast-quality performance and class-leading reliability. Datavideo’s innovative solutions, which are developed in-house, enable users to invest in the latest technology at affordable prices.
The BrightEye line of compact converters from Ensemble Designs, offered by CDM, is a complete conversion solution for desktop, mobile, worship and broadcast. With over 50 different BrightEye units to choose from, one can choose according to one’s video processing needs..

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