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ZEISS Supreme Prime Lenses

ZEISS is a global, leading technology enterprise, which facilitates the optics and opto-electronics industries. The ZEISS Group develops, produces and distributes measuring technology, microscopes, medical technology, eyeglass lenses, camera and cine lenses, binoculars and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. With its solutions, the company constantly advances the world of optics and helps shape technological progress.
The company is primarily categorised into four segments: Research and Quality Technology, Medical Technology, Vision Care/Consumer Products and Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology. The ZEISS Group boasts of representation in over 40 countries, with over 50 sales and service locations, 30 manufacturing sites, and about 25 research and development facilities around the globe.
ZEISS India is headquartered in Bangalore, and represents the businesses of industrial metrology, microscopy, medical technology, vision care consumer products that include sports optics and camera lenses. ZEISS began its Indian operations in 1998, and has developed into a full scale representation, which now includes, 2 R&D centers, 3 production facilities, global IT services, and over 30 sales and service offices in almost all Tier I and Tier II cities. With nearly 1200 employees and continued investments over 20 years in India, ZEISS’success story is continuing at a rapid pace.

Umender Shah, set up the consumer optics division at ZEISS, as the business head, in 2011. The Indian film and cinema industry, has been facilitated immensely by virtue of the solutions offered by ZEISS, under the guidance of Shah.

ZEISS camera lenses for motion picture
ZEISS has a rich legacy of making photographic lenses since 1890. It has served the artistic pursuit of cinematographers in the industry, for the last 80 years. These camera artists and the rental agencies have played a pivotal role in making the company’s flagship series of lenses, successful.
ZEISS addresses the creative needs of all photography enthusiasts and professional camera men, with its vast varieties of specialised lenses. Let’s take a peek into the ZEISS portfolio of lenses:
The ZEISS Supreme Prime Lenses are Cinematic Large-Format, come with ZEISS eXtended Data technology, and Interchangeable Mount System (PL, LPL, EF). The large-format coverage and high speed, is comprised in a small, lightweight lens. Their look is characterised by a gentle sharpness and a smooth transition between the in-focus and out-of-focus areas. These full-frame high-end cinematic lenses come in 13 different focal lengths, ranging from 15mm to 200mm, with majority of them having T1.5 aperture opening.
The ZEISS Cinema Zoom Lenses family is also characterized by Cinematic Large-Format and Interchangeable Mount System (PL, EF, F, E, MFT). It features a consistent aperture, high sharpness and contrast, minimal distortion, and a look that matches the highest quality cinema primes, including ZEISS prime lenses. Available zoom strengths are 15-30/T2.9, 28-80/T2.9 and 70-200/T2.9 with a high degree of rotation, close to 300 degrees.
The ZEISS Compact Prime CP.3 and CP.3 XD Lenses are powered by Cinematic Large-Format, ZEISS eXtended Data technology and Interchangeable Mount System (PL, EF, F, E, MFT). These offer a unique technology that provides information about the lens’ distortion and shading characteristics in real-time. The compact and light-weight design is ideal for handheld, gimbal, drone and Steadicam applications, with focal lengths ranging from 15mm to 135mm.
The ZEISS Lightweight Zoom LWZ.3 family comes with Super 35, weighs a mere 2 kg/4.4 lbs, and has the Interchangeable Mount System (PL, EF, F, E, MFT). The focal length range of 21 mm to100 mm, offers the ability to capture a unique moment. This is an optimal one-fits-all solution, be it for a commercial, a corporate video, a TV drama, or a documentary under demanding conditions.
The Master Anamorphic Lenses have been jointly developed by *ARRI and ZEISS. The Master Prime lenses, and the high-performing ARRI / ZEISS Ultra Prime Lenses are noteworthy solutions offered by ZEISS.

ZEISS Lightweight Zoom (LWZ.3).

ZEISS CP.2, CP.3 Prime Lenses and CZ.2 Zoom lenses have been widely accepted worldwide and the story has replicated in the Indian broadcast market, with elan in a similar vein.
The proprietary ZEISS Interchangeable Mounts Sets of PL EF, E, F and MFT for CP.3, CZ.2 and LWZ.3 lenses have acted as a boon for the users. It has optimised usage of lenses, amongst camera manufacturers, for adjustment of the Flange Focal Distance. Overall, the CP.3 and CZ.2 lens families from ZEISS, with complete coverage of the full-frame image circle and interchangeable mounts, are an extremely comprehensive range of lenses for almost every motion picture camera available on the market today. This all-round usability means that the lenses are a safe, future-proof investment in case one should want to upgrade to a new generation of camera sensors.


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