IPE Partners with AVC Group



IPE announced a new partnership with Auckland New Zealand-based AVC Group. AVC will represent IPE as a reseller of IPE’s Intelligent Display Systems (IDS) and other products throughout New Zealand, Australia, India, the Middle East and the Pacific Islands.

AVC Group CEO Justin Hall said, “We partner with like-minded companies who deliver best of breed products that we see as having demonstrable, real-world benefits to end users and fit the 360° Broadcast and Livewire+ strategies we follow. IPE, in the form of IDS, its Remora 5 display processor, and TS5 touchscreens, along with its integration with our partners Broadcast Bionics and the Telos Alliance’s AES67 fully compliant protocol, Livewire+, consistently provide outstanding functionality and service for intelligent network display and control and we’re anxious to bring those benefits to constituents in our vast region.”

IPE will feature IDS on AVC Group’s stand at CABSAT 2018 from 14-16 January at the Dubai World Trade Centre. IDS is a scalable, network-based display and control system designed specifically for broadcast applications. It was conceived as an alternative to cumbersome and expensive legacy clock and tally units. IDS has since evolved into a modular display and control system that can be tailored to fit any installation, whether it be broadcast, corporate, academic, or house of worship.  In every case, it provides users with powerful tools to create bespoke network systems using custom-designed information for display and control purposes.


To date, IPE has sold more than 175 IDS systems, all of which are working daily with more than 3850 attached devices.

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