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Imagine Communications takes its hybrid and next generation solutions on the road in India

Broadcasters and content creation companies are constantly on the lookout for technology solutions that proven and practical solutions that promise to deliver scalable and flexible possibilities for the evolving playout, OTT services, live production and advertising management scenarios. And more than ever, they want these solutions to be profitable and future-ready as well.
Realising this, Imagine Communications has a range of hybrid and next generation solutions in its product portfolio. Recently, a team of experts from the company conducted a series of roadshows throughout the country to showcase the latest in technology to its channel partners and key customers in the Indian market. A series of concise and informative suite presentations was packed into an afternoon-long session, which was then presented at events at Chennai, Mumbai and New Delhi. The roadshow proved to be very popular with more than 200 customers and partners making the most of the opportunity to learn about the latest solutions that Imagine Communications has to offer.

The overarching theme of the event was ‘The future of television. Today’, and it highlighted that the solutions – whether next-gen or hybrid – are ready for the future, today. The discussions centred on helping broadcasters and media companies to define their own roadmaps for a seamless, self-paced transition.
Talking first about developments in technology today, the sessions looked at topics like the success of the Alliance for IP Media Systems (AIMS) in promoting open standards, including the SMPTE ST2110 family. It also looked at the emerging Ultra High Definition (UHD) formats including 4K and higher resolutions, high dynamic range (HDR) and even high frame rates (HFR).
Inevitably the discussions probed the shift from SDI to IP and from traditional hardware to software-centric solutions on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, virtualised in the data centre and the cloud. Central to virtualisation is the move from monolithic functional blocks to microservices architecture, something Imagine is pioneering with its Zenium platform.

Turning to the transition from legacy systems to new architectures, the presentation looked at products from Imagine Communications like the Platinum IP3 multi-layer router, the Selenio range of cross-platform processors, and the Magellan orchestration layer, which is central to the transition.
These technology developments were put into context with specific sessions on playout, and on live and multiscreen solutions. These were illuminated with case studies, such as the new outside broadcast truck developed by tpc in Switzerland, which uses the Selenio Network Processor as both an IP engine and the gateway between SDI and IP, to deliver uncompromised live UHD production.
One of the key solutions that evoked much interest during this roadshow was the Versio integrated playout system. This solution provides sophisticated control and management of every aspect of content control, from ingest and storage through to multi-channel playout and including automation, and the addition of branding graphics. The software is easily integrated into larger workflow solutions, and is designed to be cloud-native, giving broadcasters the freedom to select on-premises, cloud and hybrid solutions.
“What was clear from the popularity and the great interaction during of these sessions, is that the market is very eager to learn about the next generation technology,” said Anas Hantash, director of sales for MENA at Imagine Communications. “The success of these events also helps us stay close to our customers in each market, understanding their requirements and developing the right solutions. I see us planning an annual roadshow, focusing on education, to continue this great dialogue.”

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