IABM rewards Game Changers at 2016 NAB Show


During the 2016 NAB Show, Chris Brown, EVP, Conventions and Business Operations, NAB, and Peter White, IABM CEO, presented the IABM Game Changer Awards. The winners, across nine categories that align with IABM’s Global Market Valuation and Strategy Report, were selected from 80 high quality submissions, which were judged by a panel of 40 independent and experienced industry professionals, each with specialist expertise in one or more of the award categories.
The judging panel was chaired by IABM Director of Technology and Strategic Insight, John Ive. “The applications for our Game Changer Awards this year were of exceptionally high quality, and reflect the depth and breadth of innovation in the broadcast and media technology supplier community,” said Ive.

The winners are listed below by category, with the judges’ comments appended:

Acquisition & Production

EVS – Xeebra officiating review tool
“In live broadcast infrastructures – especially for the production of sports – technology and workflows need to offer speed, efficiency and reliability. With Xeebra, users benefit from being able to review live content across multiple screens using a dedicated replay controller or a single interface. Xeebra also has uses beyond officiating – for example, reviewing rehearsals and editing previews.”

Post Production

Sony Professional – Media Backbone Hive
“Media Backbone Hive is a significant and unique, end-to-end production system using IT cloud-based technology. This architecture means Media Backbone Hive is truly scalable and cost-effective to implement.”

Content & Communication Infrastructure

Timecode Systems Limited – SyncBac PRO: Timecode sync for GoPro
“Commodity technology is everywhere; SyncBac PRO adds the ability to sync timecode and is excellent forethought. SyncBac PRO enables absolutely perfect synchronization of multiple video sources effortlessly.”


BroaMan – Route66
“Route6 has the potential to make audio routing less of a headache. It’s also very important that Route66 works with products from a variety of manufacturers.”


EMC Corporation – Isilon future-proof storage for media workflows
“This is a development of a well-established professional, high performance media storage system, and enables a hybrid approach in migrating to cloud-based storage. EMC’s Isilon recognizes that local high performance storage and remote access via cloud storage will need to co-exist for some time.”

System Automation & Control

Tedial – Version Factory
“Version Factory addresses all the major challenges in building a media workflow. It combines NxN scalability with monitoring and reporting that focuses on operational, technical and business views of the system’s functional operation, capacity, utilization and costs. This is a major accomplishment and a key enabler to address rapidly changing broadcast consumer marketplace needs.”

Playout & Delivery Systems

Sixty – Ease Live
“Ease Live provides a very practical way to enable broadcasters to merge traditional linear channels with interactive functions utilizing existing infrastructure. This will allow local broadcasters to enter this space with their current workflows. Brilliant – a true ‘game changer’”.

Test, Quality Control & Monitoring

Verimatrix – Verspective: Aggregation and analysis of video delivery systems
“Verspective brings a new idea to monitoring, in that we’re now looking at the science of information gathered about viewing habits as a new branch of engineering. With an emphasis on security, the data gathered can prove extremely valuable.”


Deluxe Entertainment Services – MediaCloud
“MediaCloud illustrates the benefits of flexibility and speed to ramp up or reduce services as needed, demonstrating a huge shift in how playout services will operate in the future”
The nine category winners will be automatically submitted as candidates for IABM’s prestigious Peter Wayne Award, with the winner announced at the IABM Annual International Business Conference and Awards in December 2016.

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