HOT 100 – VFX – Keitan Yadav and Haresh Hingorani, COO & COO, RedChillies.VFX

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Harry Hingorani and Keitan Yadav first met Shah Rukh Khan in 2003 when he was filming Paheli, where they discussed an idea about creating an enterprise under the aegis of Red Chillies Entertainment. They wanted to produce a superhero movie, obviously featuring SRK, and redchillies.vfx was born three years later. The project they had initially discussed finally culminated with Ra.One, which had over 3,500 VFX shots in the film.

Last year, the duo began work on the ambitious Fan – ambitious because it had SRK, playing dual roles as Aryan Khanna the superstar and also Gaurav Chadana, a 24-year old besotted fan. Hingorani and Yadav decided to use a mix of prosthetic and VFX to get the right look for Chadana and spent around six months in R&D before the actual shoot began.

Fan saw the active involvement of over 250 artists from redchillies.vfx and an additional 150 chipped in as the company decided to outsource the rotoscoping and background clean-up work to other VFX units. Yadav and Hingorani used 3D software to increase SRK’s eye size and eyebrows, fill out his cheeks, re-modify his nose, make his lips fuller, reduce his height, reshape his shoulders – all to give him a younger look.

When the movie finally released, most viewers initially refused to believe that Chadana was not a doppelganger, but the real SRK made to look different with visual effects. And that perhaps is the best compliment that Hingorani and Yadav can ever expect for the hard work they put in for a year and half.

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