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    Public broadcasters battling to stay relevant in the emerging media landscape are realising the importance of investing in digitising of legacy content. Recently, Doordarshan too decided to test these waters by going for a content digitization, restoration and archival at Prasar Bharti Kolkata.

    MediaGuru bagged this project and worked with Spanish media asset management company, Tedial, for it. “Prasar Bharti Kolkata wanted to digitise 30,000 hours of video content, but they have over 1,00,000 hours of video content in formats, like DVCAM, DVCPro, U-matic, etc, which had to be captured, archived, restored and managed,” said Sushil Khanna.

    MediaGuru deployed an experienced team of technicians and MAM experts onsite and finished the job in less than three months. This included providing the broadcaster’s team end-to-end workflow training so that they could continue ingesting the heritage tapes onto the new archiving solution.

    Khanna said that senior Doordarshan officials were so impressed with this project and the possibility that it could be extended to audio that they are considering using it to digitise and manage content across their other networks in the country.

    Since MediaGuru has executed a similar project at Times Network, and has already deployed the Prasar Bharti Kolkata undertaking effectively, it is hoping that it will bag the upcoming tender as well.

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