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Since Senthil Kumar’s family was involved in the film business, it was natural that he would be associated with it. In the 90s, he started a post-production facility in Chennai, using the then-unknown Avid software.

Soon he became the brand’s reseller and thus was born Real Image Media Technologies, with the help of his two friends, Jayendra Panchapakesan and Vijay Modi. The company later diversified into creating its own solution for digital films, called Qube, in 2005. However, it still focuses on systems integration, given the high credibility it has built over the years.

Last year, it executed a project for Network18 in Hyderabad where 10 ETV channels (owned and operated by Panorama Television) were migrated to Avid and MOG newsroom solutions. “This included Avid NRCS tools, production asset management, storage, playout servers, automation and is integrated with MOG Technologies for ingest and outgest,” said Sathish Kumar of Real Image Media Technologies.

The company also worked with Times Group and India TV to upgrade their existing Avid’s newsroom technology to the latest Avid version. Furthermore, it introduced Avid Media Composer into the post workflow at Chennai’s Sun Network and Hyderabad’s Gemini Network.

“Besides upgrading its newsroom components, Gemini also introduced Avid Storage and editing into its post workflow. With 640 TB of Avid ISIS Storage, Gemini is one of the biggest Avid Storage facilities in the country for the past year,” Kumar pointed out.

Another win for Real Image was working with a regional channel from Chennai, Angel TV, to upgrade its editing workflow to Avid ISIS Storage and Avid Media Composers. In an age where alliances usually survive till the end of a project, some business associations are just meant to last – as is the case of Avid and Real Image Media Technologies.

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