Harmonic powers Live TV and VOD OTT services for Finnish telco, DNA

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Finnish telecommunications operator DNA deployed a complete OTT solution from Harmonic for its DNA TV multiscreen service. Systems integration for the service extension was provided by Mediatrade Finland. Through a high-density, scalable and flexible architecture, Harmonic’s multiscreen processing and delivery solutions enable DNA to deliver live TV channels and VOD content to more than 200,000 subscribers on a wide range of devices, with pristine video quality, at a low total cost of ownership.

“In the OTT environment, device types, protocols and formats are constantly evolving. Our goal was to partner with a video infrastructure provider that offers a straightforward approach to OTT preparation and distribution, with flexibility, video quality and efficiency being absolutely critical,” said Pekka Jääskeläinen, head of broadband and entertainment services at DNA. “By supporting a broad range of multiscreen applications, with easy software upgrades as they become available, Harmonic enables us to be successful in OTT delivery.”

A significant player in the OTT market, DNA is well positioned to capture Western Europe’s growing OTT TV and video revenues, which are predicted to reach $13.72 billion in 2020; up from the $894 million recorded in 2010 and the $6.34 billion expected in 2015, according to Digital TV Research.

DNA is using a range of Harmonic video infrastructure solutions, including Harmonic’s WFS file-based workflow engine, ProMedia Carbon file-based transcoder, ProMedia Live real-time multiscreen transcoder, MediaGrid shared storage system and NMX Digital Service Manager. Combined, they enable the operator to quickly ingest and convert video content into a massive array of acquisition, editing, broadcast, web and mobile formats. Offering support for both live and VOD processing, with packaging and origin capabilities through ProMedia Package stream packager and ProMedia X Origin media server, Harmonic’s workflow solutions simplify the preparation and delivery of OTT multiscreen services.

“DNA is a longstanding Harmonic customer,” said Ian Graham, vice president of sales, EMEA, at Harmonic. “With an integrated infrastructure solution from Harmonic, operators such as DNA can dramatically extend their reach, providing customers with more channels and better quality content on an ever-growing number of screens.”

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