Harman helps Republic Day parade go digital

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India marks its Republic Day with a grand parade that showcases the country’s defence capability and its cultural heritage. The parade is attended by all the ambassadors to India, making it an internationally important event for the country.

The 1, Signal Unit of the Indian Army takes care of the public address system. Till now, the unit was using a rudimentary setup to transmit audio across the venue, which consisted of analogue audio lines from one rack location to another. When the Indian Army decided to revamp the system, Harman was chosen after tough competition with various other brands. To connect five different rack locations, Harman offered a system with Dante and CobraNet backbone for transmission of audio. Soundcraft mixers were provided for the operators while Digital Signal Processors by BSS were provided for audio transmission.

Crown DriveCore Install Network Amplifiers were used for amplification. The amplifiers were chosen for a unique dual input with priority router feature. The amplifiers get both digital and analog input which is processed by priority router onboard. In case the digital input fails, the analog inputs get routed. The amplifiers also have onboard DSP with latency, crossover, band pass filters, input/output EQ, limiter and various other monitoring features. The amplifier line switching is achieved by Crown CT8SHO amplifier line switcher.

The loudspeakers for the event were chosen after high scrutiny by the signal unit. The loudspeakers needed to reproduce the speech in best possible way and needed to be suitable for music as well. While according to general wisdom, the cabinet type loudspeaker fits the requirement, they are hindrance to the line of sight and doesn’t have any aesthetic appeal, which is not acceptable for an event of such splendor. To get a balance of both, the Indian Army chose the JBL CBT 70J-1 with CBT 70JE-1 extension.

The system control and monitoring is achieved using the HiQnet Audio Architect, on which the custom panels provide the command of complete system on a single screen for the operator.

The Republic Day, for the first time, used an end-to-end digital system and had the best sound for the most awaited event of the year.

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