GatesAir to debut Maxiva Air-Cooled UHF transmitters at 2016 NAB Show


GatesAir will debut the Maxiva UAXT-12 and UAXT-16, the newest members of its Maxiva UAXT air-cooled UHF transmitter product family at the 2016 NAB Show. The UAXT with advanced PowerSmart designs provide the convenience of air cooling at higher power levels. This offers a clear operational value proposition for broadcasters unable to support liquid-cooling architectures for high-power TV due to the remote location of, or limited real estate within, the RF plant. With GatesAir’s broadband amplification at the core of the transmitters, broadcasters are assured a smaller footprint for cleaner installation in space-challenged RF plants.

The market-leading efficiency gains of the high-power UAXT design deliver 10.8 kW (UAXT-12) and 14.4 kW (UAXT-16) of pre-filter ATSC power to the broadcaster, outperforming the competition by more than 20 percent.

“In anticipation of the Spectrum Repack, broadcasters are re-evaluating their transmission systems and how they might be affected upon moving to a new channel and/or entering into a channel-sharing plan with another TV station,” said Rich Redmond, Chief Product Officer, GatesAir. “These two new UAXT configurations deliver market-leading transmitter efficiency with simplified maintenance and operation—all very significant benefits for broadcasters facing new challenges associated with channel relocation. These transmitters also integrate more advanced IP connectivity to help broadcasters more flexibly adapt to IP transport capabilities within advanced DTV standards like DVB-T2, ISDB-Tb, and looking forward, ATSC 3.0.”

The new Maxiva UAXT-12 and UAXT-16 transmitters join a growing UAXT product line that offers six power levels from 1kW to 14kW for low-to-medium power needs. As with all Maxiva transmitters, the new UAXT models offer unparalleled modularity to simplify field maintenance with hot-swappable power amplifiers and supplies, and minimize spare parts.

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