Tell us about some of the emerging opportunities in the radio transmission market. There are two key factors driving emerging business opportunities for radio worldwide. The first is expansion of service. We see opportunities for people adding services with digital broadcasting. In different parts of the world, DAB, HD Radio and DRM are all flourishing. Whether it’s a complete digital transition or launching multichannel digital services alongside analog AM/FM systems, we see digital radio as a way forward for broadcaster who can offer new channels and services to audiences and advertisers alike. It is a way for broadcasters to deliver a variety of audio and data content they couldn’t achieve before. Operational efficiency is the second opportunity. Broadcasters are looking to drive costs down through green transmission systems that reduce electrical consumption, transmitter footprint and maintenance.

    How is GatesAir prepared to tap the opportunity around new licenses in Indian radio industry?
    Broadcasters across India have come to rely on GatesAir, formerly the over-theair broadcast business of Harris, to deliver world class transmission systems. We have a significant number of Phase 1 and Phase 2 commercial and national radio broadcasters, who selected our product to launch their FM service, and these broadcasters have continued to operate with a high level of success using our transmitters. Our new high-efficiency range of Flexiva transmitters offers a feature-rich and compact platform ideally targeted for the power levels and economic requirements of the India. Value-added benefits such as the IP-based remote monitoring and integrated Orban audio processing further enhance our total cost of ownership proposition, while our Intraplex transport solutions can provide rock-solid reliability on TDM networks today, and transition them to IP networks moving forward.

    What makes Maxiva and Flexiva stand out in such a highly competitive market?
    A lot of companies talk about efficiency, but aren’t very good at helping customers understand what it means, or outlining the tangible benefits. We really focus on driving down the total cost of ownership for wireless content delivery. Through our PowerSmart 3D transmitter architecture for Flexiva and Maxiva, we help our customers minimize the steps of achieving and resulting costs, besides high-quality delivery and high-performance over-the-air broadcasts. For one, Flexiva and Maxiva transmitters both incorporate software-defined modulators for maximum flexibility. They offer the ability to integrate IP connectivity to lower signal transport costs, and provide monitoring and control over IP networks. Additionally, PowerSmart 3D takes efficiency to the next-level through its broadband design, offering exceptional power density at the amplification stage; and minimizing spare parts and associated costs – which directly correlates with streamlined maintenance.

    Tell us about your deployments in India.
    It’s fair to say we’re the only supplier who has actually provided world-class solutions for all wireless, over-the-air broadcast segments in India. GatesAir has delivered AM and FM radio transmitters for All India Radio, the public broadcaster. We have provided FM radio and audio transport solutions to a significant share of the commercial broadcasters in the previous licensing phases. We have provided digital and analog TV transmitters to Doordarshan. Additionally, GatesAir has made a significant investment regionally through our team and our partnership with Horizon Broadcast Electronics. Besides having successful TV and radio deployments with more broadcasters in India, we have better in-house and partner resources any other transmission supplier to provide maximum support for our customers.

    Tell us about some of the products you debuted at CABSAT.
    For television, GatesAir introduced highefficiency low-power transmitter and gap filler solutions that affordably solve the challenges of high penetration across large DTV networks. The Maxiva Ultra-Compact series offers standalone low-power translator and on-channel gap filler solutions for UHF and High Band VHF stations across four power levels (30, 50, 80 and 130 watts). The new solution cuts the rack space requirements of its predecessor by 50 percent. On the radio side, we added enhancements to our Flexiva range as well as introduced the intelligent networking capabilities of our Intraplex IP Link codecs and their associated LiveLook network analysis application for multichannel stream monitoring. Additionally, for the first time we showed our LTE Mobile Offload demo at CABSAT. LTE Mobile Offload leverages the traditional broadcast model’s efficient use of wireless spectrum for one-to-many delivery, supplementing the mobile network bandwidth and congestion challenges of deploying live TV and other video content across multiple peer-topeer connections. Broadcasters also benefit from a new way to increase viewership and monetize spectrum given the rapidly growing consumer mobile devices worldwide.

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