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    WORK Microwave celebrated its 30th anniversary with an interactive customer experience event that included product demos, technology workshops and lot of entertainment thrown in for good measure

    ORK Microwave, a European manufacturer of advanced satellite communications equipment, celebrated its 30th anniversary in September, 2016 by hosting a customer experience event at its Holzkirchen premises near Munich, Germany. During the company’s Customer Experience Day 2016, the company provided hands-on product demos, technology workshops and entertainment for its international operators, systems integrators and public service providers in the satcom, defence, navigation, and industrial process control industries.

    “At WORK Microwave, customer satisfaction is our daily motivation, and it is a key reason why we have been successful over the last 30 years,” said Thomas Fröhlich, CEO of WORK Microwave. “The ‘Customer Experience Day’ was the perfect opportunity for us to commemorate our anniversary and gain insight into our customers’ challenges. Maintaining a close relationship with clients drives our R&D and service efforts, leading to technology innovation, such as our new 500 Msps wideband demodulator, which is part of one of the first end-to-end wideband transmission and reception solutions.”

    The ‘Customer Experience Day’ gave the gathered members a chance to discuss emerging market trends as a wider community, take part in technical workshops, and enjoy an evening of traditional Bavarian entertainment.

    “The event reemphasized our trust in WORK Microwave as one of the preeminent companies in the industry,” said Mohamed Al Faisal, business development director at Saudi NetLink. “Our satisfaction is based on their premium quality products, highly responsive support team, and strong commitment to partners and clients.”

    Established in 1986, WORK Microwave’s original strength was in creating clean clock sources. Since then, the company expanded its operations and now manages four divisions — Satellite Technologies, Navigation Simulators, Defence Electronics, and Sensors and Measurement.

    “Eutelsat has been using WORK Microwave’s standard converter equipment, including redundancy systems, for a number of years,” said Frank Bourdin, RF engineering and operations manager at Eutelsat. “Their team has good knowledge in frequency techniques above the Ka-band, offering us increased flexibility, bandwidth, margins, and cost savings. Any support issues that arose were solved quickly and directly onsite — a testament to their strong customer service.”

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