Kylee Peña and Chris Witmayer to Host Live Conversation on the SMPTE 2020 Remote Conference Experience


SMPTE®, the organization that is defining the future of storytelling, today announced that SMPTE 2020 program co-chairs Kylee Peña of Netflix and media tech innovator Chris Witmayer will host a free live webinar on Aug. 26 to discuss, in detail, this year's annual technical conference and exhibition.
"This webinar is for anyone who is curious about participating in the 2020 edition of SMPTE's annual conference," said Sally-Ann D'Amato, director of events, SMPTE. "We've got an exciting lineup of events and opportunities presented in a polished interactive virtual setting that eliminates the usual time, cost, and travel commitments. Kylee and Chris will offer their perspectives on the program content and format and then explore the many great reasons to register for SMPTE 2020."

Peña and Witmayer will share their personal experiences with past conferences and discuss what attendees can expect from this year's technical content. They will explain how the peer-reviewed program at SMPTE 2020 helps attendees succeed in their professional endeavors and provide insight into how the technical sessions will contribute to the future of the professional media industry.
SMPTE 2020 is designed as an interactive and immersive remote experience with a rich array of learning and networking opportunities. The theme for this year's event is "Game On," with one full day focused on the convergence of esports/gaming and media technology and the unique requirements of the thriving esports industry.

The live webinar will run from 1-2 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, Aug. 26. Registration is open now at

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