Dielectric to Introduce DCR-Q VHF TV Antenna at 2020 NAB Show

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Dielectric breaks through existing size and weight constraints of low-band VHF antennas with the debut of its new DCR-Q Series at the 2020 NAB Show. The DCR-Q Series reduces the space normally required on a tower to support a traditional, low-frequency panel or super turnstile channel 2 – 6 antenna, with its economical, versatile and space-saving design.

The DCR-Q design was adapted from the existing Dielectric DCR Series FM antenna family, with the goal of producing a more affordable and space efficient low-band VHF solution – a solution needed by broadcasters moving from a UHF to VHF channel during the TV repack. Some UHF broadcasters simply didn’t have the tower space available to support a traditional, large low-band VHF antenna and its associated weight and wind load.

One characteristic of antenna design is that lower frequencies require larger antennas, and low-band VHF TV (channels 2 – 6) antennas are typically the largest of all. The required metal and associated interconnections also add to the cost of the antenna. In some situations, a low-band VHF antenna is too large to use on an existing tower.

Engineering Innovation

Dielectric developed the DCR-Q concept in response to a requirement by Los Angeles broadcaster, KWHY-DT, which voluntarily moved from UHF to VHF Channel 4 as a result of the television repack.

“KWHY’s plight inspired our engineering department to design and build the low-band DCR-Q VHF antenna,” said Steven Moreen, Dielectric’s Western Regional Sales Manager. “The DCR-Q addresses VHF broadcaster requirements for broadband, high-power handling and circular polarity, in a lighter compact array with support for NextGen TV. We are now productizing the DCR-Q to serve a broader VHF customer base in the United States and international regions where low-band VHF television antennas are in demand.”

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