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At CABSAT 2020, AVIWEST will demonstrate the latest innovations and enhancements in live video contribution, distribution, and connectivity solutions. Using AVIWEST's advanced video contribution platform, broadcasters can capture and deliver live 4K, HD, and SD video over multiple unmanaged IP networks, including bonded 4G/3G — and now 5G — cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and satellite links. This is made possible thanks to AVIWEST's proprietary IP bonding technology, which was recently honored with a second prestigious NATAS Emmy® Award.

Expect More From Your At-Home Production With AVIWEST SST Protocol
At CABSAT 2020, AVIWEST will present its double Emmy® Award-winning SST (Safe Streams Transport) protocol, which is is implemented in all of its products. SST aggregates multiple IP network connections, dynamically adapting video bitrates according to network bandwidth fluctuations, protecting stream content, and supporting the retransmission of lost data. The company will also showcase how SST can significantly enhance a broadcaster's overall live video production and distribution workflow with innovative functionality (e.g. data hotspot, remote control, video return, intercom), without compromising stream quality.  

New Features for Flagship PRO3 and AIR Series
The latest AVIWEST PRO3 and AIR Series will be displayed with all-new features:
• The hot folder feature enables fast, reliable, and automatic real-time file transmission over unmanaged networks, wherever the action is.
• Using the transmitter's internet connections, PRO3 and AIR act as a router and create a hotspot, which is a physical location where devices such as laptops, phones, and others can connect to the internet.
• The new version allows broadcasters to manage network link priorities according to their project requirements.
Leveraging AVIWEST's SST Technology, these two mobile bonded cellular transmitters are perfect for on-the-go video professionals, providing them with portable, versatile, and robust solutions. Both are ready for 5G networks thanks, to a new upgrade path introduced.

State-of-the-Art Transceiver to Receive, Decode, and Distribute Video
AVIWEST's StreamHub will be also demonstrated during CABSAT 2020, providing broadcasters with an updated and more intuitive web interface.

StreamHub's interface offers a video thumbnail view that allows broadcasters to build a live video multiview composed of all input streams, which can be fed to affiliates. The multiview can be enriched with overlay information for each source, such as audio level and transmitter name. The main advantage of this capability is that it reduces data while feeding affiliates with multiple streams, allowing them to choose a main stream from those available.

As the first vendor that has proposed a fully agnostic live video contribution solution integrated with other production systems, AVIWEST is transforming the future of broadcast.

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